Dignity Project Founder

Becky Murray

Becky is the founder of the Dignity Project and One By One, a non-profit organisation that runs a children’s home in Kenya, a children’s home in Pakistan and a widows’ programme in Sri Lanka.

Becky’s life was transformed in 2006 when a young girl she bought a pair of shoes for on the streets of Sierra Leone assumed she wanted sexual favours in return. This horrifying and life-defining encounter, which shocked Becky to her core, sparked the formation of One By One and later, the Dignity Project.

Becky runs One By One with her husband, Matthew, and they have one son, Josiah.

Fun fact: Becky makes the world’s nicest caramel shortbread!

Dignity Project Coordinator

Zena Kamgaing

Zena is the Dignity Project Coordinator. She has a BA in Foreign Affairs and Women’s Studies and an MA in Gender, Society and Representation.

She is passionate about the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children and has a heart for young women and girls that have been victims of sexual and/or domestic abuse.

When she is not working, Zena can most often be found in the kitchen, cooking up some delicious meals.

Fun fact: Zena doesn’t really like chocolate!