The Dignity Days

Anti-Human Trafficking Workshops

Our Dignity Days gather hundreds of girls for education, training and awareness-raising. Each day is broken up into three sections.

First, we give girls reusable sanitary products so that they can stay in school. In many  developing nations, girls miss a week of school each month due to their periods, meaning they lose a vital part of their education. Equipping girls with reusable sanitary products gives them a higher chance of finishing school and finding employment, which means that they are less likely to fall prey to traffickers. We also give girls biological training on the female body and teach them to take care of their reproductive health.

Second, based on research we conduct on the areas we go into, we educate girls on the tactics traffickers use to entice their victims. We encourage the girls to safeguard themselves from walking to school together in groups and remembering their specific phone numbers that they can use if they are ever in danger.

Third, we empower the girls to say no to sexual abuse and drive home the fundamental truth that they are precious, cherished and absolutely not for sale.

"Now I can go to school and compete. This has given me a chance for the future."

Faith, aged 14, Kenya