The Dignity Project

Our Story

The Dignity Project is an anti-human trafficking initiative that seeks to help and empower vulnerable young women and girls. It operates under the umbrella of One By One, a non-profit organisation that runs two children’s homes—one in Kenya and the other in Pakistan—as well as a widows’ programme in Sri Lanka, working with women whose husbands were killed in the brutal civil war.

After receiving reports of children being trafficked in the small village of Bumala’B, Kenya, where our children’s home is located, and hearing countless stories of sexual abuse, we knew we had to step in and take action. As a trained nurse, our founder, Rebecca Murray, has always believed that prevention is better than cure – what if we could get to vulnerable girls before traffickers did?

Thus, the Dignity Project was born. Through a combination of education, training and awareness-raising, we aim to educate girls on the tactics traffickers use to entice their victims and equip them with the means to live successful, happy lives.

Since its formation in 2016, the Dignity Project has reached thousands of girls across Africa, Asia and South America. Our goal is to reach 20,000 girls by the end of 2020. Will you help us?

"Now I can go to school and compete. This has given me a chance for the future."

Faith, aged 14, Kenya